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Ground Support Equipment Services

Fieldair has its role to play in every part of the supply chain through over 70 years of active involvement in it and favourable relationships with our industry partners. GSE service, maintain and repair a diverse variety of vehicles and equipment. Our in-house technicians can also come up with customised solutions to suit your strictest demands. 

The equipment we service:

  • Elevated work platforms (EWP)
  • Airport ground equipment for Air New Zealand.
  • Airport ground equipment for Freightways.
  • Industrial ground equipment for the airport grounds keeper.

We also provide GPU and GPU-related services to a wide range of aircraft operators and airports throughout NZ and the Pacific through our subsidiary facility AIRSPEC based at both Wellington and Auckland Airports.

Our GSE is an authorised distributor and service agent for LPA Connection Systems, supplying aircraft connectors, cables, and crocodiles.

LPA AC & DC Aircraft Connectors
A large variety of aircraft connectors with options to meet all requirements. We can also manufacture aircraft leads to your requirements.
pdf LPA Aircraft Connector Brochure

LPA Crocodile Cable Carrier
Reduces the effort of dragging heavy cables across the tarmac with the risk of injury.
pdf LPA Plane Power Crocodile Cable Carrier

Get in touch with us to see what we can offer to you. 

  • Experience

  • Guidance

  • 24/7 Support

  • Efficiency

Certified and Experienced

Fieldair Engineering Ltd NZ is a leading provider of quality aircraft maintenance services, and has been keeping aircraft flying for over 70 years. We are committed to the safety and satisfaction of our clients in order to provide the highest professional standards in aviation. Our experience in maintaining our own fleets, means we understand the diverse nature of the aviation industry and will not compromise on safety or performance.

Providing Guidance

Our team is equipped to provide exceptional results, insights and guidance with unrivalled industry experience. Whether you require a basic annual check, or a series of complex upgrades or modifications, talk to our management team about the most efficient way of getting the results you want in the timeline you need.

Around the Clock Support

Fieldair Engineering is equipped to deliver 24/7 support, ensuring your services and aircraft remain operational. We have the scale and geographic spread to provide both on-site and off-site AOG repairs or maintenance, we also stock most parts that would be needed and welcome your AOG call on.

Working Smarter for Your Business

Our four locations nationwide, offer an exceptional standard of workmanship and our efficient, flexible operating plan that allows us to best match your financial goals. We understand that uncompromisable safety standards need to be balanced with efficient and cost-effective maintenance to provide our customers with a viable operation.