SupplyThe Supply Department is responsible for providing aircraft inventory, break down spares, consumables and logistics management solutions in direct support of the maintenance activities performed by its other Engineering Departments.
It also provides advice and support to external customers, who may require spares and/or equipment specific to the maintenance requirements of their aircraft.

As an honest and dependable NZCAA Part 19F approved facility, we can offer a prompt, cost effective and reliable service and our staff ensure that our spares meet the compliance, certification and quality requirements of our quality assurance system. In particular, we offer:

  • Free spares procurement and advice service
  • An on-line parts search of our inventory, via our web-site
  • "Same day" dispatch service for in stock items

Please contact our Department Manager, Pat Elliott for a solution to your spares problems.



Phone: 06 3571149 
Fax: 06 3570886